Wednesday, October 24, 2007

WHY Wednesday???

WHY Wednesday???

Yeah I know I'm late but it has been a day...

WHY do I live the life of a celebrity in my mind?

WHY does that life really translate to my everyday functions?

WHY do I miss my mom so much?

WHY do I understand so much of what she was trying to teach me now?

WHY have I discovered that my "Lucky Charm" really get me?

WHY is that both exciting and very scary?

WHY is the guy in front of me banging his hands on his desk?

WHY will I not go find out but wait for someone to tell me what is going on?

You know WHY....LOL!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

WHY Wednesday????

I'm back on the block and I'm ready to start some trouble.... If ya wit me bow your head and ask......WHY?

WHY has it taken me 5 years to get back to the West Coast?

WHY will we party like it has been 10 years since my last visit?

WHY do I miss the blog scene so much?

WHY do I feel it is ok to eat Frosted Flakes at midnight and Chinese Food at 8AM?

WHY is my boyfriend cute even when he is working my last nerve?

WHY has 2007 been my most memorable year yet?

WHY did my company decide to give me a remote manager?

WHY am I going to have lots of fun with that company decision?

WHY cant the dude in the next office from me shut up?

WHY do I really hope he finds this on the web and puts 2 and 2 together and shuts up?

What is your WHY?

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Three Perfect 10's

Welcome to the Show.....
The Celebration of Life, Learning and LOVE is back 10/10/07
WHY are you not ready?

Saturday, May 19, 2007

"I've got SPIRIT, how 'bout you"?

"I've got SPIRIT, how 'bout you"?

So a few weeks ago I received the coolest e-mail from "Spirit Airlines" promoting $9 flights to Florida, now I get these offers often but usually when I have a moment to actually find a flight they are all booked or ridiculously higher than the original promotion. However, today was different. Today was the day that I was to master the $9 flight, so I booked one for myself "Lucky" and "Red" as a celebratory getaway for surviving the planning of my sister’s baby shower. The plan was coming together and this was to be a HUGE hit!

Party time has arrived and my little sister Baby Shower was a complete success, I spent two days prior preparing dishes and decorations. "Red" and I looked like two kindergarten students who got lost in a bottle of glitter and Popsicle sticks but it was all worth it. The Mommy to be was please and so were all of her guests and I could not have done it without the help of baby nor my brother so to say that I was looking forward to our trip is an understatement!

In the morning rising was a challenge (especially trying to catch a 6:40am flight) the two sleepless nights prior did not work in my favor either. So after the mad dash to shower, moisturize and be sure that the Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses fit just right we were off to the airport (Enter theme music for Sex and The City) and looking quite fabulous I might add. I also must admit that I really don't have much faith left in the whole sitcom we call "Airport Security" it is a joke these days I just pack things in my bag for the sport of "Will they catch it or will they overlook it"? I securely hold a win over the Airport 6-0.

Running on the beach I guess I didn't have an opportunity to think about things that were directly in my space (like today being my first Mothers Day after losing my Mom) but I suppose this is not a bad thing and sort of my own way of dealing with issues, keeping myself very distracted has always been the answer for me.

Incredibly peaceful is how I would describe out little getaway. The Beach was calming and relaxing it was tough to fight off the sleep. We were able to hit the clubs and bars without the huge crowds (I'm not sure if I really enjoyed that part, you guys know I'm the Party King) but when you go to a club or bar early you always get to enjoy and take in the space....Maybe it would be smart to go when they open and have a drink then return when the place is jam packed for some real fun.

The evening of our departure back to the North East was when it got UGLY (literally)!!
In the Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale terminal you a choice of two eateries... Nathan’s and some pre-packaged sandwich joint. Easy enough we chose Nathan’s....One problem...Nathan’s did not choose me. So approximately 20 minutes after I destroy my Double Cheeseburger and Cheese Fries it begins to destroy my stomach, and then I proceed to DESTROY the tiny Airport restroom (what? Like you didn’t see that one coming..). Now once on this plane heading back to NYC I quickly get a reminder of the fact that these tickets were only $9 because every Tom, Dick, Rae Rae and Jaheim is onboard and they are making up their own rules. A woman on the flight was moved from her seat several times because for some reason she was under the impression that she could pick her own seat. A few others decided that trunks are now acceptable carry on luggage and the people on the cell phones as the flight is approaching the runway were just DEAD WRONG...Of course I save the best for last I had a few articles for the trash and I turn and ask the flight attendant if there is garbage? Doesn't that little witch respond to me "Oh yes there is one right back here".... (Insert Angry here->____) I wanted to take the trash and throw it at her but then "Red" just grabbed it and walked it to the back but not without first stopped and asked to throw out someone else’s trash (Priceless moment on The Foxybrown Show) it was a complete mess. Upon landing you would have assumed they were giving out new cars at the front of the plane, people were pushing and running to the front like complete idiots and when some guy tried to push "Red" oh it got really nasty as he proceeded to let EVERYONE in front of him go before he let this guy even think about moving forward.

All of this fun and entertainment for just $9 one way....
Now I've got SPIRIT, how 'bout you????

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

WHY Wednesday???

What's up good folks? I have not done one of these in so long I just needed to throw one out there for good fun....

WHY am I doing absolutely nothing but really doing 150 things at one time?

WHY am I wondering if people even remember who Foxybrown is?

WHY in the past past few months have I been trying to establish that?

WHY do I want to drive to my old job so I can hide Sausage in my Oatmeal?

WHY are there people who know I would do it in a heartbeat?

WHY is love so amazing, trying, exciting, exhausting and then amazing again?

WHY is facing myself the most difficult job I will ever accept in my lifetime?

WHY am I so confident in son many realms and reserved in others?

WHY do so many people think I'm a royal pain in the ass?

WHY would those same people put life, limb and cash on the line for me?

WHY is there never a real way to show those people how much you love them?

WHY do they always get their flowers when it is too late?

I'm Foxybrown and I wanna know WHY?

Friday, February 16, 2007

I'm Just Foxy....

I'm just wondering how to get this off of my chest
I'm just wondering how to make this one the best

I'm just wondering how to say what I feel
I'm just wondering if this is the real deal

I'm just lost in my thoughts struggling with my emotions
I'm just one good day away from a very kind notion

I'm just thinking about what tomorrow will bring
I'm just thinking 'bout the lyrics of the song I sing

I'm just feeling that its gonna get better from here
I'm just feeling on my face the cold route of a tear

I'm just love, in love, loving and being loved

I'm just life.....I'm just Foxy (Coming real soon...)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

WHY Wednesday????

WHY Wednesday? (Holiday Edition)

Just a bunch of typical Holiday Questions we love to ask?

WHY do people purposely wait until the busiest day of the year to mail their Christmas Cards?

WHY do people wait until the weekend before Christmas to do ALL of their holiday shopping and then get mad when items are sold out?

WHY do flights always beyond a shadow of a doubt triple in price right in time for the holidays?

WHY can you fly from New York to Kentucky for $12.99 r/t on January 9th 2007?
(Don’t go looking, the flight is already completely sold out!)

WHY now more than ever do I realize how special it is to be surrounded by your family at the holidays?

WHY is cocktail hour 10 AM at my boyfriends parents house?

WHY do I love them so much for that?

WHY did we over do Christmas for my niece?

WHY was it all worth it when she opened her “Dora the Explorer Talking Kitchen?”

WHY is my “Lucky Charm” not just Mr. Perfect but Mr. Fix it too?

WHY did my manager give us all a Calendar and Office Wipes for Christmas?

WHY did “Papa Charm” think this was hilarious?

WHY will I forgive my manager if my bonus is tight in January?

WHY will there be extra sick days taken if its not a good bonus?

WHY am I kidding myself, I’m going to take those sick days anyway?

Oh and the biggest WHY of them all….WHY are Diamonds my new best friend???

Happy Holidays to all my favorite Foxes and Foxettes!