Sunday, July 31, 2005

Bon Jour Bitches!!!

Ok this is just something real quick 1,2,1,2 that I'm throwing together for you guys to give you all an idea of how it's going down here in Montreal during pride weekend.

Friday morning "Red" and I were already checked into our hotel and changed and in a bar drinking before 11am

By 5pm we had knocked out two more things we wanted to do last year that we had not had an opportunity to do

9pm- My summer intern "A.Gay" had arrived from his drive up (What would the summer edition be without him?) and we were all in our hotel room getting completely wasted before hitting the strip.

1am- "Red" and I are turning out the dance floor in Club Unity 2 Montreals only hip-hop & r&b party (still shaking to "Loose my breath")

Saturday morning- was a bit of a late start as we just could not pull it together.

Saturday afternoon- Was when we actually hit the road, today we were off to fabulous Old Montreal for some sites and culture. I can't believe I had never gone to see this place before it was phenomenol the architecture here has great European inspiration and truly takes your breath away. Next it was a quick tour of Chinatown and back to our hotel for a short commercial break...... Thanks to my sponsor for the weekend "Torontos Finest" Puff....

Saturday night- BAR HOPPING................OH AND MORE BAR HOPPING.
I was completely exhausted and "Red" was falling asleep in one of the strip clubs so at my first opportunity to escape and crash for the night I gladly accepted. (at least I think I did) LOL

Sunday morning- A super cool local that I met Friday night while hanging out at one of the hottest clubs in Montreal who for all security purposes we will call "Torontos Finest" gave me an invitation to join him at Montreal's only afterhours dance club called "Le Stereo" ok so all I'm saying is that I walked into this place at 6:59am and it's now 10:30am and I have just left my first club for the day? (Grins to self) You just gotta love the fukkin Canadians!

Till my next update.......This is Foxworth Brown signing off Live from Montreal!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The SHIT hit the Fan!

The Shit hit the Fan…….

Ok so after a very hectic day yesterday…It finally had begun to calm down. I was very worried about "604" who had been hospitalized that morning and his family had not made any effort to contact me to let me know how things were going, so between the period of 8am and 4:40pm I was clueless as to how my friend was doing in the hospital or whether or not there were any complications but rest assured when it was time for folks to get a ride home oh, the “Fox Fone” will ring. Now relieved, but even more frustrated I’m on my way to the city to pick up a Tribe called “604” and I am making calls all the way to the NY trying to let everyone know that my boy is ok and thanking everyone for the prayers.

I stop in the city to snatch a "hot t-shirt" I have been contemplating about for the past 2 weeks.
(Please note I may be an angry bitch right now but I'm always a fashionable angry bitch)

*Ok I realize you guys want the good stuff but I had to at least try to write about my frustrations.

I just jumped out of the shower from cleansing my body of the exhausting day….The “Warm Line” rings and when I look at the caller ID and see “617” I kinda smirk a bit and think to myself about how frequently “Mr.Public” is on the show these days.

Me: “Hey”.
He: “Whattup Handsome”
Me: “Not shit, shaving, what’s going on with you”
He: “Nothing much I was calling to see how you were doing and oh…..I read the blog today”.
Me: “…………………………..”
Me Still: “…………………..”

Ok so I’m no longer going to quote but let you guys know what went down. “Boston Public” was (or so he says) not hurt by finding out about “Lucky Charm” but more taken by surprise he didn’t think that he would ever read about something like that in my blog and it was more of a black and white or in my case “pink on pink” letter of intent that Foxy was moving the fuck on!

I knew that “BP” had not been watching the blog since I wrote “53 Days” I think it took him about 20 days just to work up the courage to read it.

Overall, “BP” put his feelings on the table and said to me “I don’t blame you for doing what you need to do, I was not taking care of what I should have been and you needed more than I could have possibly given you from where I am right now”. I really could not argue with him on that one then he says this….”You better be ok with me being around because I’m not going anywhere, I love you and we have to remain friends”. Now typically this is a line that you are given right as a break up occurs yet you don’t take it seriously however, with “BP” as I would with anyone else I’m gonna hold true to my word. For the next 30 minutes or so we kinda sit on the phone trying to figure out if this is really the end of a big segment on “The Foxybrown Show” or if this is just the way things are for the summer.

It is now 9pm and I’m in the Holland Tunnel and I’m still on phone with “BP” we hang up for the evening feeling somewhat better but still confused and my phone rings again and it’s “Lucky Charm”

Me: “Hello”.
He: "Wassup Baby".

(To be continued)

Wait Wait Wait....I couldn't help but read this old entry and when I look at how I felt then and how I feel today, damn all I can say is I fukkin keep it real everyday all day!!

If you missed it let me give it to you one mo 'gin!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Awwwww SHIT!

Tuesday 12:10pm - Foxy receives a call from "Lucky Charm" regarding us spending some time together this week before I head to Montreal.
We harrass eachother for a little bit then he decides he needs to work on his project for school so he says...."Oh and one more thing....I'm not reading your blog anymore"

(Audience Gasps)

Yeah I kinda knew that this was coming and there was nothing I could do about it. I had to be honest about my experience in Boston but I didn't want "Lucky" to read and find out about it this way.......SHIT!

So we begin talking about things but both agree that this a conversation meant to take place face to face. "Lucky" was really good about not putting pressure on me to explain anything or justify anything I have done or said, I like that about him so much because that is so real but to take it the extra mile he says to me "Foxy, I have to be honest and say for 5 minutes I was kinda knocked back and a little jealous". I thought that was the honesty and communication that many of us wish we had while dealing with an individual. At least from this angle when we meet for dinner tomorrow I can take this into consideration but I do have alot to think about....

Gee Where do I start????

  • How do I really feel about my trip to Beantown?
  • How do I really feel about "Boston Public"?
  • What the hell is really going on with me and "Lucky Charm"?
  • What do I want to happen with me and "Lucky Charm"?
  • Did I do something wrong here?
  • Is this all gonna be ok?

C'mon you guys know my show is not too heavy and nobody is going die by the time this all plays out but this is the stuff that challenges me everyday. It makes the show what it is....

I'm beginning to think that too many people have the damn blog address but as quick as that thought comes it goes and is replaced with this:

"I am who I am and I host what I host"

I'm a good guy with a big heart and a kind word for everyone, if you piss me off I can hurt your feelings quickly, I'm a son, a brother, an uncle, a moving man, a chauffer, a knight in shining armor, A freak, a sweetie pie but most importantly I'm your host and this is what I do everyday all day (taps mic and mumbles "one, two, one, two")

Ok yall keep your fingers crossed on this one you know it is so never my intention to hurt anyone I'm just Foxy having fun.........It's what I do when I'm bored being a "Superhero".

What do yall think? Foxy would like to know?

Monday, July 25, 2005

Live from Beantown!

Live from Beantown!!!

That’s right boys and girls you read it correctly, this weekend I again took the show on the road and came to you live from Boston, MA home of “Boston Public”.
Not sure where I should start with this one but from the very beginning of the Summer Season the #1 question was "Has Boston Public Cancelled”?
I thought I cleared it up in the season premiere that “BP” was not cancelled but more or less chose to work behind the scenes for now. We have had several behind the scenes conversations (What? Yall think I gotta tell everything???) in which we have come to a very ********* (Red "the english major" didn't like my playing around with alliteration so I took it out but left the stars for those who know.....Now back to our program) understanding as to what things are currently between us. Therefore, last Monday when I was made an offer to visit for a day it was accepted with great enthusiasm. Hmmm…Ok so the plans have been made so of course the questions begin…

What is he going to say?
How am I going to respond?
What are we going to do?
How am I going to feel about all of this?
And of course the most important question of them all….

What am I going to wear?

Well at 7:30am Sunday I was on the Greyhound headed straight for Beantown I could have driven but this ride gives me the time to myself that I have been needing for sometime, things have been so busy these last few weeks I have hardly had a moment to think to myself so I was able to get through a great book and listen to my i-pod but for some reason all of those questions were still being tossed around in my head well with the exception of the last one regarding my attire.

I talked with “Red” for a good bit this morning and he called later for an update and right about that moment I realized that the bus was pulling into the station. Within 5 minutes I was standing next to “BP” who was looking as handsome, the big cheese ball smile on his face let me know that I wasn’t looking so bad myself! We hit the road and begin our walking tour of Downtown Boston. I’m a jaded New Yorker so not much impresses me but I appreciate everything so as we walked through the Chinatown section I acknowledged why so many people love Chinatown NY as “BP” points out one restaurant I was thinking how the restaurants back home are overflowing. A few minutes later we were grabbing Coffee a beverage very important to the both of us and then……The Shopping began!

About 3 shopping bags later I’m excited about my new fashions and skinning and grinning at “BP” cuz he’s all excited like a 5 year old on Christmas Eve and I’m no better. We stop for a bite to eat as both of us are completely starved from all this walking and shopping. The FOOD was not bad at all in fact it was damn delicious. A few phone calls later we were meeting up with his crew. I have heard so much about these guys that it was as though I already knew them and I guess they were thinking the same about me. I was introduced to “Tata Pie” who’s from Georgia and and as sweet as your grandma’s tata pie, and “Surf & Turf” who got his name for reasons too lengthy to explain here on the show let’s just say I can’t swim so I respect him very very much!

We all took the party over to a local Café for cocktails and I explained to the crew that as they think their scene is boring and dull as a New Yorker I have an appreciation for all things different. We had a few rounds and just as my head began to spin from the Cosmopolitans I realized that it was time to make my way towards the bus station. I needed to make a trip to the restroom before heading out and “BP” was so kind to have escorted me, privately I knew he was going to try and steal a kiss….I also knew I would let him. (Audience laughs) I’m pretty sure that “Tata” and “Surf” knew we were up to something but I don’t have any damn shame besides it was just a kiss, wasn’t it?
Ok so the guys escort me to the station on the “T” and I jump in line with all the folks heading back home or out of town. Before boarding the bus I call “BP” over and whisper something in his ear and he smiles I’m not even on the bus two minutes and Mr. Public is calling me with a response to my last comments to him, now I’m on the bus smiling. Yeah that’s pretty much the way it went all the way home. Ok well not really…You all know I cannot leave town without filling in the staff….So on the ride home I had conversations with Red, 604, A. Gay, Preach, Lucky Charms and Mother Fox and last but not least “Boston Public” who just wanted to make sure I got home ok….

Yeah…..I’m still smiling….

The District The Summer Edition (Part 3)

"Rich Dad, Poor Dad"

Unfortunately this segment due to it's sensitive nature will not be released for review but I have instead listed this in it's place:

It is in You I find my name.
Once spoken will suffice to give me hope
That I can live my life unbound by other’s definitions.

It is in You I find my life.
Not in pursuit of affirmation given to make me feel of worth
Depending on the source from which it came.

It is in You I know my call.
And that not based on my achievements.
For I will surely fall someday
And then, outside of Your embrace
My vision would be shattered.

My place is here, my eyes are fixed on Yours.
Seeing in your gaze a Father’s perfect love,
Expressed in perfect sacrifice of Son.
My arms reach up to take You to myself
Secure that You have placed me here in your embrace.
I need no other name than that you quietly speak.
To know My Father’s love- it is enough you see,
For my Fathers love lives in me!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Message from our sponsor....

Ok all jokes aside this is a post verbatum from my brother in the blogging game mister Frank Leon Roberts who called the brothers out and we are picking up the phone...I hope you guys read this and understand exactly how real it is...

What does it mean when 19 is considered "middle aged" for a black gay man? The Center for Disease Control has just released the results of its latest five-city study of MSMs (the oh-so-catchy medical term for ‘Men who have sex with men’) and its official: 46% of black “gay” men in New York City, Baltimore, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami are HIV positive. These numbers supersede the results of the CDC’s 2001 five city study which concluded that 1 in 3 black gay men in urban centers were presumed to be HIV positive. Now it’s 1 in 2. The numbers are closing in. The bodies are piling up. This is New York City not Rwanda. The highest increase in infections came from black gay men between the ages of 19 and 24.Let me repeat this for your clarity: 46% of black gay men in New York City are estimated to be HIV positive. Brothers, that’s half of us. 46% is higher than the incidence rate of almost every sub-Saharan African country.-For those of you in a monogamous relationship, take a good look at your boyfriend: the CDC says that one of you is HIV positive and probably doesn’t even know it.

As Phil Wilson (E.D. of the Black AIDS Institute) recently pointed out, no one seems to care. Even though the CDC numbers were released weeks ago “no Black media outlets followed-up with substantive stories to stir discussion. No civil rights organizations organized any marches or called on any policymakers to take action. No Black celebrities sponsored any relief concerts. Indeed, there wasn't even a call to action from a Black gay organization.” -Black gay men in New York City are in a particular state of crisis. In addition to these stastistics, since February FIVE gay black men have been murdered in New York. FIVE in five months. -Why is this not on the cover of VIBE, TRACE, AND ESSENCE? -If it did make the cover would it only be as another way to demonize black gay men? -Why is Oprah's next episode scheduled to be about her run-in with a luxury soap company rather than?-How will young black men respond to these statistics? Will we respond "positively" or will we take this as further confirmation that sooner or later its inevitable that each of us will contract the virus?-I'm 22 years old: The CDC believes that its likely that I'll be HIV positive soon. If you're black and gay and reading this, according to them, you'll will be soon as well. -How do you feel? Do you care?-What scares me the most is that I seriously believe that the release of these numbers will actually cause MORE black gay men to become infected with the virus. I mean lets think about this: I dont know about you but when I hear that 46% of the people that look and love like me are HIV positive, I'm overwhelmed with grief, anger, and hopelessness. These are exactly the kinds of nihilistic emotions that help faciliate the spread of the virus. When black gay men feel as though no matter what they do they're going to eventually end up HIV positive they're much more likely to engage in unsafe sex. -These numbers affirm something that I have been debating with my activist friends for a while now: simply telling people to "protect" themselves is a completely ineffective preventive strategy. BUT NEWS FLASH: Protecting oneself presumes that one has a positive sense of self-worth and identity. People only "protect" that which they have been taught to value. If you have been systematically taught to devalue your life and your body (as black people in the U.S. have always been encouraged to) why in God's name would you "protect" yourself? -Do you understand the point that I am trying to make? Speaking from experience, I think that so many black gay men have been systematically convinced that our bodies are destined for death and destruction that the concept of "protecting ourselves" is no longer effective. Many of us feel like it is inevitable that we will contract the virus. We open up magazines to only find our faces in the HIV ads. We walk into the club and 20 men hand us flyers reminding us that we at risk. We speak to our parents and family and they still associate AIDS with "faggots" exclusively. We open up our inbox and receive a message from the CDC announcing that one out of every two of us is positive. I seriously believe that these realities have a reverse effect: they slowly and gradually teach us that there is no hope, that its not at matter of IF we'll contract the virus but WHEN. -Contemporary efforts to lower HIV rates in the communities in the U.S. most badly hit with the disease (i.e. BLACK PEOPLE) need to more effectively engage and understand what philosopher Cornel West has described as the overwhelming presence of nihilism in these communities. West describes nihilism as the "lived experience of coping with a life of horrifying meanlessness, hopelessness, and (most important) lovelessness." Nihilism is concept meant to describe "Life without meaning, hope, and love [which] breeds a coldhearted, mean-spirited outlook that destroys both the individual and others."-By saying that black gay communities are in a nihilist state i'm not simply arguing that we are all "depressed" or "feeling down." Instead, I'm suggesting that as a result of institutional racism, sexism, and homophobia many of us no longer give a fuck about whether we live or die. -I will not be posting another blog topic until 15 black people respond to this. Enough is enough. I dont care if you just say "I feel you"---I need to know that you care enough about my mind and body (as well as yours) to speak. Tell me that you want to live. Tell me you are a black woman that cares about the life of her brother, ex-boyfriend, or friend. Tell me you dont believe this is true. Tell me that you think there's an answer. Tell me you just came back negative and you will stay that way. Tell me you just tested positive and you're excited about the promise of the future. Tell me you remember someone who died of AIDS that looks like you. Tell me you are living with HIV. Tell me you care. -As Audre Lorde once eloquently reminded us, "your silence will not protect you."

Commercial Break....

Ok I know that I have one last entry on The summer edition of The District but I just had to give you guys a break this just came to me in an e-mail and I had to post it

I wanna see how many of you actually do this....

How Smart Is Your Right Foot?
This is so funny that it will boggle your mind and you will keep trying it at least 50 more times to see if you can outsmart your foot, but you can't......

While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.
Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with you right hand.
Your foot will change direction. And there's nothing you can do about it.

And now....Back to our regularly scheduled programming.......

The District The Summer Edition (Part 2)

“The District”….Summer Edition (Part 2)

“Kissing Kousins”

It’s Saturday and my morning started fairly early I was up at 7am sharp. “Red” and “604” were still sleep it was the perfect opportunity to for me to update the blog, read a few e-mails and get my laundry started…Yes, I know I’m here for a weekend but I need to wash clothes to get ready for tonight’s big event with “Red’s” DC family…Umm let’s just call them “The Red Republicans” or “Double R” (RR) for short. Once I got back upstairs from putting my clothes in the wash “604” was awake so it was the perfect opportunity for me to chat with him for a bit, we talked about London and his excitement and talk about the preparation that was involved before I know it we were talking about all kinds of things and had brought “Red” out of his deep sleep. By 9am laundry was done and a call was placed to “The Starr” requesting his presence at breakfast. By 11am we were all munching at a local diner and once again picking off one another’s plates and after our meal was done the shopping began!
We were in the mall doing some heavy shopping and the sales were not encouraging us to stop. It got so bad that there was one scene where we were actually conducting a fashion show in a department store fitting room. Me glued to the Fox Fone with calls flowing between NY and LA It was very Tyra (Red) Naomi, (Foxy) and Roshumba (The Starr) in the dressing rooms running in and out getting approval from each other and our very straight fashion designer (604) approving or dismissing our selections. We all left with shopping bags…How many you ask??? I will never tell!
Later that night we dropped “6” off at his event and chilled with “The Starr” as he prepared for his event and then we made our way to the function.
Upon arrival I was initially nervous as these are members of “Red’s” family that I have never met. About 10 minutes after our arrival I was very much at ease as I was noticing party goers in t-shirts and flip-flops and dirty hair. (Rolls eyes at the lack of effort) I get to meet his fabulous and drop dead gorgeous Aunt “Mimi” and her squad. “Red” introduces me to some family friends and his “Kousin” a very cute and friendly guy allegedly straight but what’s that matter on this show?? Shortly after that it begins to rain so the live band and outdoor fun has to be pulled inside “Red” and I quickly grab spots at the bar. It was a great time but everyone knows the worse scenario in the world is a party with an open bar this is usually where more madness takes place. Before long we were doing shots and exchanging stories about our travel and sexual escapades before we know it the time was about 1:30am and we were very inebriated so of course the only honorable thing to do would be to leave and drive home. I say my good nights to everyone and I see “Kousin” stretched out on the sofa and when I go to hug him goodbye he turns his head and plants one of the sloppiest wet kisses on me. I had to step back and pull it together and I see “Red” standing there very “what the hell is going on here”? I just gave him a look that said “Don’t ask”…..So once again we try the goodbye thing and sure enough me being who I am had to test those waters again and say goodnight to “Kousin” this goodnight was better than the first one and grabbed the attention of all the eyes left in the room. “Red” and I got in the car and chuckled all the way and all I kept thinking to myself was….”Are yall sure he’s straight”?????

Early Sunday morning I go and pick up “604” from the train station and on the drive back to "Red's" I tell him about the prior evening’s events and he just smiles and looks at me and uses one of my favorite lines against me…..”You are who you are and you host what you host”.

I had no response and for the next five minutes we rode along in silence but laughing hysterically on the inside…Only on my fukkin show!

The District The Summer Edition (Part 1)

"Chicken Wings & Sweet Things"

The weekend was off the hook I’m so mad it took me a minute to get to this post but the work week has been off the hook as well. I hope you all are having a great week and planning to a great weekend. I guess it’s time that I share with you the highlights from last weekend.

If you guys missed the madness on the Turnpike go back and read. However, once I arrived in Rockville things began to look up. "Red" and I got dressed and made our first ever so important stop to Chick-Fil-A, those of you who know what it is “Flap ya wings” for those of you who don’t you betta ask somebody!!
Next stop a meeting of the Mojito’s with “The Starr” and special guest from Hot-lanta “Kill Bill”. As "Red" and I come storming into this bar about 90 minutes late we see our boys and they light up in excitement it’s always good to see “Kill Bill” and “The Starr” truly lives up to his name every time you see him. Being so late we had apparently missed the first two rounds but that was no reason for us to NOT get the next two going. Our bartender was great and we kept him very entertained with our “Blog” talk and street gossip, I kept thinking to myself he probably thinks we are talking about some TV show little does he know that “WE ARE”!
Ok so drinks wind down and the so appropriate next stop is to “Popeyes” or as Red calls it “POPE-AYE-YES” either way you call it that fried chicken and Rice and Beans is the shiznit! Now in true Negro fashion we commence to tearing our food up and there are no bones about picking in someone else’s chicken box for a French Fry or a Wing. All I know was when I left that spot the first button on my Beyonce jeans was loose and I could not help but wonder “Does Beyonce do this after Popeyes”? (Uh Oh Uh Oh)…..
I guess the Chicken gave us a new lease on life because we proceeded to go back down the street to a very surprisingly chic Martini Bar but before this we were all unpleasantly surprised by a unnamed male hustler, awww hell let’s give him a name lets call him “Really Ugly” now "RU" stopped in front of the quartet and proceeded to ask us what we were getting into “Starr” and I were right on point with totally and completely ignoring this clown as “Red” and “Kill Bill” had no choice but to see this guy after a small exchange of words between all of us “Really Ugly” decided that he wanted to holla at “Red”, “Starr" and I explode in laughter as this is so his show. After the fun was over we just kinda said goodnight to Ugly and pumped into the Martini Bar. Inside the establishment was really cool, something you definitely would find in NY but at 11pm it was completely empty something you rarely see in NYC on a Friday night.

“Starr” picks up the next round of drinks and foolish of me to go and order a Butterscotch Martini which had my stomach bubbling before I had my first sip. Needless to say by the time I finished it I was working my way to the back restroom… (Question why is it ok to want to take a dump in a bar when you are out of town, but not ok when you are in your local city?) When I saw a cleaning guy mopping outside the restroom I changed my mind immediately. Please believe that was last Martini for the night.....
Our next and last stop for the evening was to pick up the Notorious “604” who would be staying at “Red’s” place for the weekend. Ok I lied….One more stop Red’s toilet bowl! Goodnight!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

I'm Different....

I'm different and I don't care who knows it
Somethin' about me is not the same, yeah I'm different and that's how it goes
Ain't gonna play no goddamn game
Got a different way a walkin'
I got a different kind of smile I got a different way a talkin'
Drives the men kind of wild....

I'm different and I don't care who knows it
Somethin' about me It's not the same and that's how it goes
Ain't gonna play no goddamn game.....
I ain't sayin' I'm better than you are but, maybe I am
I only know that when I look in the mirror I like the man....

I'm different and I don't care who knows it
Somethin' about me it's not the same I'm different and that's how it goes
Ain't gonna play your goddamn game
When I walk down the street in the mornin' Blue birds are singin' in the tall oak tree
they sing a little song for the people and they sing a little song for me
I'm different and I don't care who knows it
Somethin' about me is not the same
I'm different and that's how it goes
Ain't gonna play no boss man's game....

How 'bout that!

Friday, July 15, 2005

The Turnpike MAL-Function....

The Turnpike MAL-Function….

It’s Friday and my bags are packed and my apartment is clean and I’m snacking on a cookie (probably something I should not be eating at 6am) trying to determine when and how I am going to put the show on the road headed toward The District. Red’s family is hosting their annual Tiki Party and this is the first year that I will actually be able to attend. 604 is also scheduled to arrive in The District at some later point in the evening, needless to say I’m excited as these are our last days together here in the states before he heads off the UK for work, so I want to make sure that we spend some quality time having fun and just doing the simple things.
By 9am I have made all necessary phone calls to my boss and Red and company and everyone who needs to know that I am on my way is aware…So here is the breakdown…..LOL

I’m in my local Bodega with the nasty chubby Puerto Rican man that is always trying to give me his number. I will never get with this guy as “I’m just not that into him” but he makes one hell of a mean ham and cheese hero and yall know the kind of hero I’m speaking of…3lbs. of ham and 2 slices of cheese….GOOD & GHETTO!!!

I stop at the shell to get fuel and I decide to use cash to pay for the gas so I pulled out all $6 that I had in my pocket and requested that I get $6 worth of V-Power fuel

I am all done at the gas station but I’m realizing that atsix bucks @ $2.41 per gallon I'm probably not going to get very far but at least I know I can get down to Red’s house.

Why is there mayonnaise, oil and vinegar on my oxford and khaki’s????

12:01 pm
Ok so I was just blazin on the NJ Turnpike free and clear of all traffic and now I’m sitting between exits 5 and 4

12:48 pm
Still here………

1:09 pm
Ok we are starting to move, gosh I’m going to have to do 90 miles an hour for at least an hour to make up for lost time….

I’m sitting in my car very annoyed waiting for the State Trooper to return to my vehicle with my license, registration and ticket for doing 87mph in a 65mph zone. (Honestly I was a little surprised that my car actually made it that high)

The state trooper who I must say had some of the most beautiful eyes that I had seen in sometime had ended up just issuing me a warning (no point or fines) for speeding but he did ticket me for having a brake light out. I was very relieved as this could have gone in a very different direction so I said a silent pray of thanks and got back on the road.

Red calls to check on me and when I look down at the odometer I realize I’m going 90mph so I first check my rearview mirror to make sure that no “unmarked” cars are behind me and then I proceed to pick up my cell phone…Without the headset
(What I know you all have done it at one point or another!!) I explain my dilemma and present him with an updated ETA and I hang up the phone and when I press play on my i-pod the next song pumping through my car is sooooo appropriately Janet Jackson’s
“Pleasure Principal” (Yall remember that video?? Janet, very in a desolate warehouse with a chair, a boom box and a fukkin mirror taking out some frustration) Wait is that the Delaware Memorial Bridge up ahead???? No it’s more traffic! So now I’m thinking to myself what the hell was Janet doing in that warehouse anyway????

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh……I’m in Delaware!
Ok now I’m thinking about the episode of the Cosby Show where Vanessa and her girlfriends decide to lie to their parents and haul ass to Wilmington, Delaware for a concert (I cannot remember the fictional band) only to have their plan foiled by a pickpocket that takes all their money…You would think that they would just call it a night but oh no they proceed to go on to the concert anyway…How ‘bout Claire got in her ASS that night.
*wondering why am I thinking about this right now*

I'm at an Exxon station about 20 minutes from Red's place paying $2.69 per gallon..I guess my thoughts at 10:19 am were not as accurate as I thought....

Oh….Wait, that’s not Rockville…..That’s more traffic!

Have a good weekend yall!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

One Monkey don't stop my show!!!

One Monkey don’t stop my show!!

Yesterday I had a conversation with a fan of the show…Every now and again there is going to be positive feedback and not so positive feedback. Yesterday would be an example of the latter of the two. A viewer expressed concern with regard to all my wild escapades and the boys that come and go on the show…The individual expressed some strong opinions and it was so appreciated. However, with the greatest respect for my viewers and the show I must acknowledge the comments.

Fan: "Foxy you have had more sex in the last six months than I have had in my entire life…I think you should slow down man. How can you really get to know someone if you jump in the sack with them so quickly? With that said it’s like this whirlwind of events; you meet, you roll in the sack and then you move on to something else. How can you know if someone is the right one if you never give them a fair chance? It’s like full relationship in the span of 3 or 4 weeks. I feel like you are on a rollercoaster, one day you meet…two weeks later your are really caught up and by the end of the month you no longer want to be bothered…It’s sort of crazy…What’s going on with you man”?

My Response…..
First I would like to say thank you for tuning in to the show. It is a privilege to have people who read and comment with concern and care. At the end of the day I do this for me, it is an opportunity to look back at my experiences, friends, family and colleagues and measure the level of growth over a particular time period. I love that my viewers really get into the show and cheer me on episode after episode and chime in with their scintillating commentary. It keeps me going and gives me a chance to look at my adventures honestly and objectively.

Now, as far as the comparison on the levels of sexual intercourse…..I guess all I can really say is "I’m sorry". I am a very sexual being, much more than the average male so that should explain my populous escapades. I would like to be clear that I DO NOT sleep with everyone that may say hello to me. Those of you who know me personally know that I am very selective in the guys I get down with. I mean even the
hearing impared try to step up to the plate. You are probably all aware that I’m not shy at all about being comfortable with myself sexually as in any thing that you do CONFIDENTLY you command the attention of others, this is no different than my non-sexual interaction with people. I am social and people are curious and attracted to me and unless I’m terribly mistaken I believe that is how you and I initially met….Think about that and let me know what you think…..I know u will!

I never once declared that I’m looking for anyone or anything serious…In most cases I make it my business to confirm that I am not looking for anything too heavy. As far as the statement about not getting to know someone because of a quick sexual relationship.
NEWSFLASH!! Sex is the most elementary task in a relationship. However, being able to listen to one talk about their past, present and future is not and I have mastered the ability to allow people to tell me about themselves and more importantly decide how important this person may or may not be in my show (life). More often than not this is easy, a lot of it has to do with the amount of complacency people find in me. I guess I’m not that bad of a guy. However, if I decide that things are not going to work out please trust in the fact that it is a decision made based on numerous conversation and intense observation and the ability to know what I am willing and not willing to accept I always manage to maintain great friendship and the memories (thanks to my blog) will last a lifetime If I get some good ass in this process well then so be it! LOL

America’s sweetheart Oprah Winfrey reminds us...
"When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time."

One more to think about…..

I love that you have compared my life to a rollercoaster because I believe this is a perfect paralleling ratio. My life is…An exciting yet scary ride that takes me through ups and downs all the time. Fortunate for me I have the opportunity to experience this rollercoaster ride again and again each time it’s different not necessarily different as in the sense that it’s a new ride but my car passenger may be new or in that last loop that used to leave me nauseated now makes me chuckle because I have already mastered it, or understanding that once you finish riding backwards, you are only going through the same shit in a different direction. My experiences teach me lessons that I can either learn from or go through again. My adventures make me who I am and keep me one step ahead of the game or in some cases one step behind. I could not for 10 seconds fathom myself tied down with one person for 58 years, not having traveled the world and having seen how others “host their shows” across the globe. I’m 27 years old and I’m breaking the mold, climbing the corporate ladder, obtaining higher education and doing so while ignoring what society says about how I should live my life. I have done more at 27 than most people will do their entire lives and I don’t regret a thing. I also don't think that I'm any better than the man that finds happiness in doing the same thing and living the same way everyday. It's all about enjoying life finding out how to do that is half the fun! Hell, my mama tunes into the show and cheers me on I mean isn’t that the goal in life to accomplish what our parents have and then some but more importantly to do it our own way??

Each one teach one....I have just learned something about you and hopefully you have learned something about me. Now it's time to go back to our respective shows because I am who I am and I host what I host!

What do the viewers think? Foxy would like to know.

In closing I again thank my viewer for the feedback it’s good to know and I appreciate the concern. I will leave with this last statement:

“Change is inevitable, growth is optional. I choose to grow through change”.

How ‘bout that…..

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Madness in the Mountains....

Madness in the Mountains...

Alright so yesterday I returned from my little escape to “The Burbs” for the weekend.
Overall I had a great time hanging with “Lucky Charm” and his crew. Infact they reminded me so much of me and my tribe.

Friday night 9pm I’m one stop away from East Cupcake, Connecticut on the Metro North and I realize that these train stations are pretty desolate at night and me being the city boy that I am was thinking this boy better be there when I arrive or else I’m going to be sitting in the dark. Sure enough when I step off the train I see “Lucky" waiting outside the car which automatically warrants an instant smile from me. I finish up my conversation with “Red” on the Fox Fone and greet “Lucky” with a quick kiss. We head off towards his parents place and along the way he let’s me know that his boy is coming to pick us up in about an hour so we can go for a late dinner and drinks. My private thoughts are screaming (well I really just wanted to chill with you) however, I realize like myself his friends really mean a lot to him so I bite the bullet and keep my mouth closed. We head to TGIFridays and end up having a great evening with his friends. I can really appreciate this as I know how much fun my friends and I have and on several occasions “Lucky” has witnessed this first hand. By the end of the night I’m so very glad I kept my mouth closed as I was rewarded with a Pot of Gold or as some pirates may refer to it….”Booty”!

Saturday (Early morning)
I slowly drag myself out of bed to get the morning going. I decided to knock out the last few pages of a great book I was reading and began working on my next blog entry. Eventually I could not hold back any longer and we had to go grab a bite to eat. Driving around the burbs took me back to when I lived in Richmond, VA well what really reminded me of Richmond was the Friendly’s restaurant that we ate at. I had not been to one in years and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now you guys all know Friendly’s is a far cry from gourmet but it served its purpose and Saturday morning it hit the spot. Conversation over lunch was cool a lot of flirting and slick talking. I couldn’t help but think to myself it must be so obvious to the people around us that we are digging each other. Our next stop after lunch was the grocery store; tonight “Lucky” was going to be hosting a get together at his parents place while they were out of town. (This is me again thinking “Didn’t I come up here to NOT do all this??) Once we got back to “The Manor” and put all the party foods away. We decided to upgrade from the festivities the night before and as I type this I still have a goofy grin on my face. LOL!

Saturday (Evening)
After we got all showered and dressed for his friends it was on.. I was in full throttle working the oven, working the crowd and flirting with “Lucky” from across the room. This I found was not very difficult for me as I am who I am and I host what I host however I was blown away as I carefully observed the room and realized that my cutie was glowing, and truly the center of attention similar to the look that I reflect when among my friends and family. Once the food was out and the drinks were flowing the real fun began as I got to see him in his element, rekindling old tales from his high school days. Of course I’m eating it up as I begin to harass “Lucky” and find myself more comfortable with the group. The night went on and the fun continued and all I remember is that by the end of the night they were talking about going to some cemetery to see a ghost and here I go again thinking to myself “I thought white kids only did this shit in the movies”. Ahhh well you learn something new everyday. I also learned from the movies that the black guy always dies first so I stayed close to My “Lucky Charms”.
Eventually all the guest headed home and we cleaned up the crib and realized that “Lucky’s” cell phone was missing. I must have called it 20 times but to no avail. I just gathered one of his friends grabbed it in error and would return it in the morning, time for bed.

Why am I up at 7:30am watching Sunday Inspiration on BET??? Around 8am “Lucky” all sleepy eyed walks in and asks what I’m doing and I say “Getting my church on” he rolls his pretty green/hazel eyes and mumbles something about Jesus and does some mock holy ghost wave or dance I’m not sure and walks out of the room. Now I pretend to be pissed by this but inside I’m dying laughing as I thought it was so cute and funny and no different from when we mock the way white folks dance aka “Carlton” on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. However, aint nobody got nothing on this GUY!
Within a few hours we were all packed and back in the city driving down the West Side Highway heading towards our final destinations. Both completely drained and wiped out. I drop “Lucky” home and within 5 minutes I’m wondering what he’s up to ( Gosh I can be such a chicken head) When I get out of the Holland Tunnel headed home the Fox Fone rings and it’s “Lucky” calling to let me know he’s going to eat and take a nap.

(Audience laughs as Foxy blushes)

Ok so that was my weekend in Watertown and this has been your official Foxdate!


Monday, July 11, 2005

T.H.A.N.K. Y.O.U....

T.H.A.N.K. Y.O.U……..

To all of my friends, family and the readers who have supported me in all of my endeavors, good and bad times. I love your patience and appreciate your understanding. I finally figured out how to sum up the last 3 weeks of my life…This is dedicated to you…..

How ‘bout Gay Pride weekend in NYC I had a total of 8 people and one cat in my home, managed to help coordinate a barbecue, see “Lucky Charm” 3 times, change into about 12 different outfits. Go to one club which happened to not be the club that everyone else was going to that night…Tried to make the best of a bad situation and went to the bar and ordered “Crunk Juice” and walked away with a glass of Orange Juice instead….
Wondering if anyone knew I was allergic
Since the evening could not possibly get any better I decided to gulp down the OJ and hope for the worst but as life would have it here on the show…Not one reaction….

Accepting the fact that I am a social butterfly who loves to be in the mix no matter what the event or crowd was not easy. However, even more difficult than accepting this is knowing that there are individuals that will be envious of this and therefore, make it their mission in life to break your spirit. As a wise “Mexican” once told my brother and he told me….”Kill them with Kindness”. If that don’t work put a lil Shug Avery Pee in it!

Never Judge Anyone!!!! Ok I was just checking to see if yall were awake…….We are a judgmental society we cannot help it. Just remember that if you are going to judge someone that there are always 3 people judging you. I’m thinking that instead of judging each other if we just took the time to learn from one another life would be less abrasive. Sounds so simple yet I know it’s one of the most difficult things to do.

Keep the Faith….No matter who or what you believe in because at the end of the day it is what keeps us all going…Now if you know someone that believes in nothing…Close your eyes right now and say a prayer for that person because they may not know how….If this is confusing for you…Please refer to my earlier comments on “Judgment” and hope that someone is praying for you at this very moment.

Youth like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In my introduction to this blog I stated that I am 27 going on 40 and on other days I’m 27 going on 10. We all have our moments in which we want to run and escape the realities of our day to day and revisit a place when it was so acceptable to break out our toys and be carefree all day long. When you have completely found balance with this is when you KNOW that there is a time and a place for everything.

Overjoyed is what I find that I am here lately. As crazy as my life can be I find that the sun is shining down on me more frequently. Not sure if I have managed to see the glass as half full or If I have just buckled down and said “Look…The damn glass has 4 ounces of water in it either your going to drink or not”! See Overjoyed that’s me!

Understand that I am a work in progress and I get better with every phone conversation, e-mail exchange, cocktail or dinner date. I learn something from my surroundings that confirms something about me. When I look at friends and family I see pieces of me and I like what I see….In closing I say THANK YOU….

Love Always…..Foxy.