Tuesday, June 27, 2006

WHY Wednesday???

WHY Wednesday???

Ok so this is just a plain ole bitchy entry….The last few days have me feeling some kind of way so keep in mind I’m still Foxy but I’m going off today…

WHY do I have 8 clients to control daily at work?

WHY do 6 of them leave me alone and the other 2 make me want to slit my wrists?

WHY have I been heads down at my desk from the moment I walk in to quitting time?

WHY in one day did I get 19 e-mails and 8 phone calls from one client?

WHY was this all in regard to one issue?

WHY didn’t my manager REALLY tell me what came with a 17% pay increase?

WHY do I have Plane, Train and Cruise tickets for vacation time that my manager has not approved yet?

WHY do I just know that I’m getting all of my days off anyhow?

WHY am I so booked for the summer that I cannot find the time to have fun because I’m already pre-scheduled to have fun?

WHY is my boyfriend a sexy bastard?

WHY is it raining cats dogs and small horses?

WHY do I have to go into work early today?

What's your WHY? Bring it on....

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

WHY Wednesday???

WHY Wednesday???

Just too damn much going on....

WHY did I have a conversation with a good friend this weekend and we agreed to start blogging again?

WHY is my new job paying fiercely but challenging the life out of me?

WHY has my boyfriend already planned a committment ceremony in his head?

WHY have I actually done the same thing?

WHY am I always doing 125 things at a time?

WHY do I hope my roommate washes the dishes tonight?

WHY do I not want him to cook tonight?

WHY did they open a hair and nail salon in my office?

WHY should I make people mad and go get a pedicure?

WHY do I look so cute in my shorts today?

WHY am I allowed to wear shorts to work today?

WHY are there 55 people reading this and only 4 commenting and the other 51 sending me text messages?

WHY am I soooooo NOT afraid to take a doo doo @ work?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

WHY Wednesday???

WHY Wednesday???

WHY has it been so long since I posted a blog entry?

WHY has so much happened since my last entry?

WHY has my summer intern "Mr. A. Gay" been officially renamed "The Graduate"?

WHY did "Lucky" and I just celebrate one year together?

WHY has is been a year of evolution for us both?

WHY did I want to complain about my job?

WHY did I change my mind after a friend called and told me he was just laid off?

WHY do I pray that things turn around for them soon?

WHY has Summer not started yet but I feel as though it is over?

WHY is it that miserable people always try and find a way to make you miserable?

WHY is "My Life on the D-List" my new favorite show?

WHY do I know that this post is gonna get some not so nice comments from the blog world?

WHY don't I care cuz.......I'm back?