Tuesday, July 25, 2006

WHY Wednesday?

WHY Wednesday???

WHY am I writing this on Tuesday night because I know that Wednesday is going to be a hot damn mess?

WHY did I find out last night that you can invest in FOXY?

WHY am I planning outfits in my head for a Cruise I’m going on in 3 weeks?

have I not gone to London yet this year?

WHY do I know my brother is feeling some kind of way about that but he just not saying anything?

WHY will that all go down the drain the second I land in Heathrow?

WHY will I book my ticket before the end of August?

WHY have I not been to Los Angeles in so long?

WHY didn’t anybody tell me that Madonna is the Shizznit?

WHY was my family reunion two weeks ago and I’m still missing my cousins?

WHY thanks to e-mail we have all vowed to keep in touch more often?

WHY is 9pm and I’m thinking ‘bout what I’m gonna eat for breakfast?

WHY is it 3am in London and I’m wondering what “604” ate for dinner?

WHY do I know it involved some type of Chicken?

Holla at your FOX!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Two Little Boys.....

Before we were grown men we were two little boys
Before we had careers and cars, we had games and toys
Before we became independent, our mothers raised us right
Before we understood the struggle they also taught us how to fight
Before we learned how to love we learned the pain of a broken heart I guess we can blame our Drunken, Dope fiend, Deadbeat daddies for that part
Before we leave this earth the world will know our names
It will smile at us for all of the good and the bad and the things we have done in shame.
Before we leave this earth we will learn that perfection is not a real term
Remember how tough of a lesson that was to learn?
Before this game called life is over take advantage of all the simple joys
Remember that life is just a game and in our hearts we are still two little boys.

Dedicated to my brothers....All of them...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

WHY Wednesday????

WHY Wednesday???

Ok its been a long time so today is very long, very random but as always very real….Let’s Go!

WHY were there 212 people at my family reunion last weekend?

WHY was I so sad when the reunion was over?

WHY am I hype about going to see Madonna in concert tonight?

WHY did I never think I would go see Madonna in concert?

WHY am I having so much fun this summer?

WHY am I having such a hard time keeping in touch with everyone this summer?

WHY do I wish my friends could be at my family reunion so they could see that I’m not the only crazy one?

WHY am I doing stunts and showz to get out of work early today?

WHY will I not be worried about it as I’m sipping frozen margaritas this afternoon?

WHY did my good friend send me a fierce shirt to wear in Boston?

WHY did I send him a fierce shirt to wear in Washington DC?

WHY is it going to be 100 degrees today?

WHY do I have to end this entry because I have to begin preparing for my stunt and my show of a day?

I hope all is well, sorry for the delay in posting but everything is good and its only getting better….I’m one “Lucky” guy!