Friday, September 30, 2005


“The Big Chill”


"I’m Foxybrown and I demand that you take cold ass back to the North Pole now Beyotch"!

Ok so picture it 6am this morning and I’m spinning around the house trying to make my way out of the door to get the last day of the work week started and I was all tricked out in my pretty white (short-sleevedd) Lacoste polo shirt I grab the “Fox Fone”, palm pilot & car keys and I’m out the door…..PAUSE….Ummmm why am I walking down the street shivering…Oh Hell to da Nawwww! I turn right around and head back in and rip off the cute shirt and put on the warm oxford followed by the nice zip up sweater. Ok so I realize that fall is here but damnit I’m not happy about it!

Next reality check is when I’m in my car and I’m driving to work, I refuse to turn on my heat because that would be like giving in to that “Frosty” punk so instead I sit in the cool air singing or howling my heart out to Mariah Carey’s “Circles” currently on repeat on my i-pod when I see my breath in front of me....WTF??? Ok so about half way to work I give in to Fall…You win….I just want to be warm.

Ok so here we are another weekend and a big one if you live in NY
The NY Yankees are taking on The Boston Red Sox for the last weekend of the season.
A three game extravaganza is the plan which means I’m going to have some major GAS this weekend. Yall know “Lucky” is crazy over sports. Ok this is my cue to pack enough books, music and projects to keep me occupied for the entire weekend. This is also the cue for anyone that has access to “The Fox Fone” to use the number this weekend I’ll be taking all calls I promise! Now the weekend is not completely lost; we will go grocery shopping tonight and pick up some game food and will whip up a few dishes that we can prepare together “Group Activity” cuz I may not know sports but I know how to hit a home run in the kitchen!

Tune in for “Foxy Hills” on Monday for updates on the weekend and to find out what “Da Fuzz” has planned for FOXY!

Oh and to all of you over there in the “Free Foxybrown” T-shirts….I see you and just like Martha Stewart”It’s a good thing”!

This has been your official "Foxdate" I am about to get my day started…I wish you all a FABULOUS and FIERCE but most of all FOXY weekend!!! Be blessed…Be safe….Be good….BE OUT!

Goooooooooooooo Beyonce! Oh I mean Goooooooooo Yankees!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ordinary People.....

“Ordinary People”

Ok so today’s entry is just simple, very plain, no gossip and no funny stories just Foxybrown uncut an unedited....

Everyday I struggle, I struggle with new challenges, I struggle with change, I struggle with figuring out what I want to be when I grow up, I envy no one but respect everyone but still I struggle.

I often wonder if things would be different for me if I had a Trust Fund and parents that catered to my every pain, then I realized I already know that kid I just saw him leaving the hood jumping in his CLK his pockets full of cocaine.

Well maybe if I had studied just a little bit harder I would have been able to get into that MBA program at Harvard. Oh, wait a minute I read about that guy he jumped seven stories to his death right on the front yard.

How come I couldn’t be the VP of Accounting? I mean damn he aint got nothing on me
On second glance he is an alcoholic and has no respect for women so that VP I guess I’ll never be.

Instead I’m just an ordinary bro; how the world views me I’ll never know.
I just do the best to make a difference everyday and I do it in my own “Foxy” way!

There is no Trust Fund and there is no CLK but there is plenty of cocaine in the neighborhood where I stay.

I didn’t make it to Harvard and that’s ok you see. My degree came from The City University and I dare you try to take it from me.

So I’m not VP yet, that doesn’t mean it will never be. It just means that I have not found the slot that is a perfect fit for me.

So keep your eyes and ears to the street because you never know where you will find me, I’m Young, Gifted & Black and that’s a FACT but at the end of the day….I’m just ordinary....How 'bout that!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Why Wednesday???? (Fall Three)

WHY Wednesday???? (Fall Three)

Ok before we begin let me put a disclaimer out there and say that I know my phone will be ringing off the hook this morning after this entry and my AOL instant messenger is going to be fire!

So all I’m saying is that I know you guys well be shocked but I never EVER confirmed or denied anything so I’m free and clear so without further delay here is my WHY Wednesday……

WHY did “Lucky” and I make love for the first time last night?

WHY did 97% of my viewers not know that we have never done it?

did I never confirm or deny it on my Blog?

am I so glad we waited?

WHY was it soooooooooo worth the wait?

WHY did I feel like King of the World?

is the rumor true that “Lucky Charms are magically delicious”?

WHY is
"RED" going to kill me for not telling him this morning while he was getting dressed to go play basketball?

is "RED" going to play basketball????????????

WHY was last night magical?

WHY am I still smiling????

WHY did I get “Lucky” last night and WHY did “Lucky” get curved to the left?

Ok that’s it for me let the madness begin yall go ahead and let me have it!

However, please be nice it’s month end and I’m under a tremendous amount of pressure right now!!!!
Well based on last nights events not anymore!!! Bye Yall!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"Foxy Hills 07304"

"Foxy Hills 07304"
Episode2: Where is Mama Fox?/ Jail House Fox?

Last week I met Daddy and Mama Charm……This week I try to figure out where the hell my own mama is so after calling 20x and fighting traffic to get to her house I finally make it to her street and enter the house and “NOTHING”! Nobody was home and nobody was answering cell phones. It is times like these that I question whether they even like me or not. I get back in my car and begin to take the journey back to the Jersey Estates and when I am about 10 minutes away from home when my cell phone rings when I see “Mother Fox” in the call display I immediately pull over and proceed to give her a piece of my worried mind and troubled heart. For some reason my mother did not think that it was so bad and because of that I was forced to just say good night and hang up the phone. One day she will get it….One day!

On a lighter note early Saturday Morning "Lucky" and I make our way to upstate NY to visit “The Christmas Tree Store” I could not believe it was an entire store dedicated to turning your home into a Christmas Wonderland and my baby was in heaven. Aisles and aisles of lights, candles, stockings, festive decorations and keepsakes. It was unreal, as I watched him go crazy over the great items that he purchased now 45 minutes and a whole hell of a lot of money later “Lucky” makes the announcement that we have to return…As they only had half the stuff and we need to come back for ornaments and trees….I am looking at the items that I have selected (Tupperware and Halloween Candy) and thinking to myself am I dating Chris Kringle? As I’m sure my boyfriend is thinking that he is dating “Ebenegro Scrooge” I’m confident that we will work through it and that this is not the last that you will be hearing about “The Christmas Tree Store”.

Saturday evening we all hung out in the city and met up with my boy “Kill Bill” and also met up with Lucky’s boy “Gypsy Woman” for drinks. It was a fun and interesting evening. Sunday was kinda low key…I dropped “Lucky” home early in the morning and spent some bonding time with “Red” we talked watched a recording of “Top Model" and then when it was all over we got dressed and hit it to the city to hang out and party wth “Mister 7” all in all it was a great weekend and oh and one thing I left out…Friday afternoon I check my mail to find that there has been a warrant issued for my arrest!

Only on my fukkin show!!!!!

WHY is DA MAN trying to take the show off the air?

WHY is the Fuzz Fukkin with Foxy?

Yeah…..You know the deal…..Next week, same time, same place.
The next entry may come to you live from a Jersey City prison cell but just stay tuned….

Friday, September 23, 2005

Foxy in Reverse....

Foxy in Reverse….

Ok so lets back track and take a look at the week gone by…Can’t believe it’s Friday already.

Yesterday I answered the questions to your WHY Wednesday’s while dealing with my day to day struggles as “Ghetto Fox” in Corporate America. Oh and we got Half Naked!!!

Wednesday I played hooky from work just to get myself together for Wednesday evening’s event.

Tuesday I touched down and tackled and I hope you guys did as well!

Monday we opened with the very first episode of “Foxy Hills” where we “Met The Charms” and tried to figure out where the hell is Mother Fox???

Ok here is a sneak peek into the weekend, yesterday I got a call from The Atlanta Chapter President “Kill Bill” who informed me that he would be heading to Foxy Hills Friday afternoon. “Red” will be making his appearance Saturday Morning on the Show and Sunday “Lucky” and I will be heading upstate NY to “The Christmas Tree Store” as my little brother would say “This will be interesting”……

Wanna find out what happens next?
Wanna find out where my mama is?
Wanna know if I survived The Christmas Tree Store?

Find yourself in The Fox Box on Monday morning for all the answers and more!
Till then Have yourself a Foxy little weekend!

Buh Bye……

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Just Ask Foxy.....

Just Ask Foxy……

Ok yesterday you asked and today I’m gonna answer……

Big Love to both my Brothers as the little one is growing up so fast and my big brother for maintaining his focus…Ok since both of you are on my mind I will start with you two!

Red- I don’t know why you are so excited about lost and I don’t know how many seasons it is going to take for those people to be found…I recorded the Tyra Talk Show & Americas Next Top Model. I will have the popcorn and collard greens waitin when you arrive!

604- *Rolls Eyes* Boy you will make it past one year and bigger than that can you please make it past one month before you start plotting you return. I have already turned your room back into the Go Go Palace so get over it and get on with it! Smile! Love You!

Echo- Today is Thursday…..YAY!!!

SEJ- Reality Television is the new Crack & Plasma TV is the new Crack Pipe!

Danielle- You are not bored…You just tuned into the Foxy Show kinda late! LOL

- You are not the only one who just got to work and is ready to go home.

- Spitting is ugly and unladylike now if you wanna put a lil Shug Avery pee in your bosses’ coffee that is perfectly acceptable.

Dee Dee- I think your ex-boss is calling you because he knows what happened to the 11 hours that your new job shorted your.

Goddess- The Poor get Poorer cuz we think that buying 3 pairs of Timbs per year is an investment in the company! Oh and I’m not even touching the Bush comment.

Brown Soul- It’s called Pre-Birthday Syndrome (PBS) I got it a few weeks back right before my 18th Birthday. LOL Now I’m lying and that’s a whole other disorder.

Sir Brian- I love you more!

- I’m sorry I was playing sick yesterday but I got a really nice shirt from Macy’s I’m gonna hit your blog and tell you all about it today I promise!!!!

Jamie- I can’t answer everything but about that Knee thing well all I can say is Sir Brian….You lucky dawg you!!!

Laylah- Damnit I just don’t know….

Papi- You can have more money but it might mean you have to wait 8-10 years to spend it (If you use a toy gun less time)

Professor Spex- That Chick is just crazy!

K- I have no answers for you but I’m still laughing at your shoes being so tight they hurt your feelings…

LadyNay- I am so glad I’m one of the blogs that made the cut!

Dee- Congrats on the $.78 raise. You must have been really excited cuz you posted that comment three times and I must have been really bored cuz I didn’t edit it at all!

Jerry- You joined a gang cuz you’re a bad ass. You can’t sleep cuz you are always tuned into the show and you think today is “Half naked Thursday” cuz you are “Half Nasty”! LOL

Ok now everyone have a great "Half Naked Thursday" I'll see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

WHY Wednesday???? (Fall Two)

WHY Wednesday???

Ok so by now you all know what you need to do so lets make it happen!

WHY am I writing this post from my bed cuz I’m not going to work today?

WHY am I not going to work but going out to a vendor party later tonight?

WHY do I have nothing to wear and will spend the majority of the day trying to get that together?

WHY does it look like it’s going to be a great day outside?

WHY am I about to go and get something to eat?

WHY is the MACY’S sale circular looking at me?

am I now getting dressed to go to the mall?

What’s your WHY? Put it in the Fox Box!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"Tackle and Touchdown"....

Tackle and Touchdown….

Last night “Lucky” and I had the opportunity to check out a Giants Football game last night. “Lucky” is a huge Football fan and I knew he would enjoy the surprise.
One of my clients hooked me up with the tickets invited us to tailgate with him and boy did we have a good time my client and my boy hit it off right away chatting about current issues in the education system while I talked with his sales rep about business. I was pleased to see that things were going so well but I wasn’t ever really worried….If you knew “Lucky” you’d like him too.

Ok so about the food…I had no idea my client had such grilling skills…In the matter of 40 minutes we were feasting on Grilled Flank Steak, Grilled Shrimp, and Fresh Salmon & Grilled Tomatoes covered in olive oil, fresh mozzarella and roasted peppers. Ok you get the idea.

So now on to the game….As some of you long time readers of the show know I have issues with sports…It’s probably because my dad forced me to play every sport as a kid that I have rejected the whole concept of sports all together. However, at 28 I’m ready to Tackle and Touchdown on something new.

Last nights game was not just a regular game it was “The New Orleans Saints” season opener which of course could not be held at home due to the wrath of Katrina so it was held here in New Jersey at Giants stadium. I was surrounded by thousands of screaming Giants fans who were ready for action and I kept thinking to myself that this is not just a game this is a true representation of the fact that “Change is Inevitable” yesterday I had an offline conversation with “The Mexican” who really has been doing some back blogging and reminded me that “Change” has been the constant theme of the show. I could not help but think of this as I watched The Saints get clobbered by the Giants last night. I kept thinking to myself I’m surrounded by change. “Lucky” who has become such a big and important part of my life but was only able to do that through my personal growth and each day he encourages me to change. We had a few stolen moments as I watched him in his element screaming at the top of his lungs cheering for his team little did he know that there were 25 “Foxy” Cheerleaders inside me screaming for him. Unfortunate for The Saints their cheerleaders did not help them to obtain a victory last night but because “Change Is Inevitable” they were able to play last night and will play in another city next week. Life does go on…..One day at a time!

Today I “Tackle” my fears from yesterday and “Touchdown” on my dreams of tomorrow!

I have one question for you……Are you ready for some Football???

Monday, September 19, 2005

Foxy Hills 07304!

"Foxy Hills 07304"
Episode 1:
"Meet The Charms"

Ok so with all the hype and anticipation it’s time to “Meet the Charms”. Once “Lucky” and I arrived at his apartment Saturday evening the tasks were executed one by one:

Pick up Dinner: Foxy
Clean Bedroom & Living Room: “Lucky”
Wash Dishes and Dump Trash: Foxy
Hit the sack and get a good nights rest: A collaborative effort

Sunday Morning 7:30am:

We both crawl out of bed and begin the chore of getting dressed and making our last rounds around the house to ensure that everything was perfect for “Lucky’s” parents.
I was cool until about 10 minutes to 9am when I knew they would be arriving any moment. I must have checked my shirt about 100 times in the mirror and constantly cleared my forehead of sweat beads.
The intercom rings and as RED would say….Showtime Synergy!
One last chance to get the dirt off my shoulder and
Heeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeessss The Charms…….......

Alright so on first go…Mr. Charm greets me with a smile and a firm handshake ( I like that) and Mrs. Charm follows behind with a warm smile and speaking of BEHINDS…Mrs. Charm has got to have one of the biggest booty’s I have seen on a white woman and I can go down the list but this thing was WIDE and had WEIGHT on it!!! It was so easy to see where “Lucky” got his “Ghetto Booty” from I mean I knew it came from somewhere but DAAAYUM!!!

Ok so now we are all sitting and talking about our plan for the morning and the funniest thing happens…Mrs. Charm asks which Neighborhood did I live in New Jersey and I reply “Jersey City” and she replies “That’s south right”? Initially I held my breathe because I was not sure if I had heard her correctly it was then Mr. Charm and “Lucky” replied “Yea it’s south” and “Lucky” mumbles “What are you from another planet” it was at that very moment I knew this was going to be an interesting day.

Shortly after that “Lucky” and I were in my car and The Charms were following behind in route to Corporate Day at The Bronx Zoo. After picking up our tickets we headed right in and it was really exciting I have not been to the zoo since I was a kid in the NYC public school system. We rode the Sky Car and visited the “Mouse House” something only a real New Yorker could appreciate. We checked out the Congo House where “Lucky” conveniently mentions that the Gorilla’s feet are just as ashy as mine, I froze for 3 seconds and tried to remember if I had hit the Vaseline this morning but I did so I laughed and flipped him the bird real quick.

Next “Lucky” puts Foxy on the spot and tells his parents that I grew up in the neighborhood around the Zoo and for those of you who know it well yall know the Ghetto when u see it!

Anyhow again shocked and on the spot here I am….Then I said Fukk it and smiled and responded “yup I sure did”. I was looking around to see the tall project apartments so I could show them where a legend was born but they were out or site.
Oh well it was lunch time and Mr. Charm treated us to all the luxury of “Zoo Food” (Burgers and Fries) and I again watched the interaction with them all….It is at this point that I was totally convinced that Mr. Charm used to be a PIMP. Just laid back and cool slipping in a sly comment every now and again (Now I know where “Lucky” gets it).

After lunch surprisingly “The Charms” are ready to head back to The Manor in the Mountains. I could not believe that the meeting was about to be over but just like that…….They Came….They Saw…..They went Bye Bye….

5 minutes after they left Mrs. Charm calls to say how much she loved his apartment and then she says “Tell Foxy thanks for everything” ( I smiled).

Ok so leaving such a great time with “Charm-In laws” I figured I need to give a shout to the Fox Family as I had not talked to Mother Fox in a week strange for her to not call me but I had left several messages to no avail……Ok I’ll try one more time……Nothing.

20 phone calls later still no response and I’m in my car headed for Harlem…….

Wanna find out what happens next? Tune in next week for “Foxy Hills 07304” here on WFOXTV!

Friday, September 16, 2005

A Fox with a View!

Here it is Friday again....The close to another crazy week!

Once again it's so good to be back and I'm glad to see you all still doing your thing and I love the new faces on the show!

I am so glad the weekend is here but I am nervous about "Meeting the Charms" this weekend.

You guys don't forget to tune in on Monday for the first episode of "Foxy Hills 07304"!

Ok and special shout out to the punk bytches over at the D-Unit you guys kept me so entertained yesterday it was ridiculous.

Now I'm ready to get my Friday started!

You have just been Foxdated!

Be Fierce.....Be Fabulous......Be Foxy!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

"I am"........

I am…..

I am Deep…If you want to find out how deep come close and take a look into my eyes let me peek in at your soul and allow you to take a tour of mine. You will learn that the smile you see today is a product of the pain and struggle yesterday. My eyes are intimidating, inviting, intriguing, and irresistible. C’mon I dare you…look this way.

I am Blessed…I have the ability to understand and accept the things that I cannot change and change the things that are unacceptable.

I am Sexy…I’m sexy in my walk, I’m sexy in my talk, I’m sexy in my moves, I can smile on a crowded highway and make traffic come to a stop if I choose. Where I get it from I’m not sure but I’m thankful for this gift, I’m sexy 24/7 and my sexy curves to the left….

I am Trusted…With secrets never to be revealed, with the promise that my lips will remain sealed. I’m trusted with the hearts of loved ones I am trusted to keep it all as one I am trusted to keep these hearts unbroken to keep our love undone.

I am a Diamond…Some days I’m dull and others I shine beyond belief….some days I represent undying love and others I reflect struggle and grief. I symbolize the beauty of people staying together, more importantly like a Diamond I am here forever…

I am Human….Subject to change without notice it’s nothing personal, no planned attack or ulterior motive. It’s just me day to day everyday different from the last making tomorrow even better by taking a lesson from my past.

I am a Reflection…A reflection of someone that I have never seen but I’m confident that along with the sparrow he watches me….At this point if you are unaware of what I’m speaking of allow me clear this up for you and simply state….I am Love…..

-Foxworth 2005

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Why Wednesday???? (Fall One)

WHY Wednesday???

Alright the rules are still the same you got something you wanna ask put it in the FOX BOX……Lets go!

WHY did “Red” & “The Mexican” take the train from Washington, DC to NYC to join me at a networking party last night?

WHY do I feel that it was a continuation of my Birthday celebration instead of a networking party?

WHY did they both have a blast at the party and then proceed to get on the train and go back to DC?

WHY am I at my desk right now still hung over?

WHY do the slacks I have on today make my ass look like I have two midgets attached to my behind?

WHY did I not even want to go through the drama with the Native-American dude at my job today so I just made two fresh pots of coffee on my own?

WHY has my little brother only been gone 18 days and Red and I are planning to book a trip to go visit for a few days?

WHY am I 28 now and just getting the answers to a lot of life’s questions?

That’s all I got this morning oh well maybe this one last thing……

WHY do I hide sausage patties in the bottom of my oatmeal bowl so the cafeteria lady doesn’t charge me for sausage?? (Even in Corporate America I’m still ghetto)

Ok now I’m done……What’s your WHY???

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Got Foxy???

***********Audience Applauds***********

(Foxy walks in and smiles to the crowd and waves hello to all of the sponsors in the VIP section, stops in front of microphone and begins to speak)

“Hi….I’m Foxybrown (crowd screams) I’d like to welcome you all to my show…If you are new here my suggestion is to buckle your seat belt and stay tuned. Here on the show you never really know what you are gonna get but you can bet that you will be pleased, intrigued and challenged. I invite you to join me and my crazy cast as we bring you something new everyday guaranteed to make you laugh, smile, cry and more importantly come back for more. As always the events you are about to read are real, the names have been changed to protect the innocent. I am your host….This is my life…..This is my drama….These are my thoughts….Welcome to my world…..

***********Audience Cheers***********

Now that the meet and greet is out of the way I have one question for you all…GOT FOXY?

I’m back boys and girls and after a little time off I’m ready to bring it to you this fall. Gosh I’m not even sure where to begin, well lets start with the new look. Blogger doesn’t have the greatest selection of templates to choose from but I like the change of scenery how ‘bout u? Ok and now let’s talk about the new website currently under construction. Right now it will direct you to the Blog, eventually it will take you to the next level. Big thanks to Red & Spexial for all the help with the technical stuff. I’m just the host you guys make it happen!

I have so much to say and so little time I guess I’m going to start with an update:

My 28th Birthday was STUNNING I spent the weekend with my brother and boyfriend in “Ogunquit” a beautiful beach town in Southern Maine. It was my first trip with “Lucky” and a great opportunity for him to get to know me a little better. We engaged in long talks and shared several stolen moments and he even bonded with my brother. You guys are the best and I’m truly the lucky one!

Thanks to everyone for the Birthday wishes The Fox Fone was on fire all day Labor Day and I was completely exhausted from the trip but my brother kept the party going until I passed out. LOVE YOU BRO!

Now…..What you all have been waiting for……What’s next for the show???
Not long after I started this Blog I was challenged to take it to the next level within a year I’m going to do my best to keep my word and you will be there to witness it as this is the final edition of year one of The Foxybrown Show. Please do not be alarmed I’m still gonna bring it….Tomorrow is still WHY Wednesday and beginning next Monday I will present to you guys my own mini-drama appropriately entitled “Foxy Hills 07304” with the heavily anticipated pilot episode “Meet the Charms” where Foxy is introduced to his boyfriend’s parents for the first time…Will he be Lucky or will his Luck run out?
Only one way to find out what happens and if you are reading this you are already doing the right thing.

It’s good to be back and I’d like to welcome you all back.

Now that you all GOT FOXY…..I’ll see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

WHY? (Sneak Preview)


WHY will The Foxybrown Show be back next week?

WHY will it be better than ever?

WHY are we going to have a brand new look?

WHY are we going to have a brand new web page?

WHY is the first entry of the season going to make you all scream?

WHY is the first entry probably going to make me scream?

WHY are there only 6 days left to the premier?

WHY am I posting this knowing I said I would not write till next week?

WHY???? Because I love you more!

WHY will I see you all next week?


Thursday, September 01, 2005

Foxy Farewell....

Foxy Farewell…

Alright so this is going to be the final post of the “Summer Edition” of the show.
I’m going to take a few days to just chill and relax and get myself in gear for whatever the fall will bring.

I’d like to thank all of you Foxy guys & gals for hanging with me through the parties, road trips and all of the border hopping and humping around I have done this summer.

Special thanks to: Big Brother Red, 604, Mr. A. Gay, The Starr, Preach, Lucky Charm, The Mexican, The Brit, Boston Public, Tata Pie, Surf & Turf, Ms. Perdie, Kibbles & Bits for keeping me together throughout the summer.

I will be back shortly with more of my drama, my jokes, my ranting and raving and I will still be watching your Blogs so keep writing guys because I won’t stop reading.

When I return I will be a year older and ready for what the next 365 days has in store for me. Will you guys be ready for me??

Since I will be off the scene for a few days and I know I don’t have a link section
(working on it for the fall) but check out a few of my favorite stops through the day.

Sponsors of the show…

He’s the reason why I started Blogging

He’s my Big Brother

I created the title for her Blog

I helped her with her first entry

His opinion means everything

My Blogger Crush

Da Man

The Goddess

The Dutch Diva

Soul Train

My Blogging Brother

Ok I know there are hundreds that I could list but I’m not going to be gone for that long so just check these out and tell them Foxy sent you…..Oh and stay on the look out for my little brothers Blog brought to you straight out of the UK…. “604….The Blog Hater”!
Coming to a web page near you soon!

So while I’m gone….

Remember to be FIERCE!
Remember to be FABULOUS!
But most importantly……Remember to be FOXY!

“I’m Foxworth Brown signing off for the summer edition…..Foxworth……OUT”!

(Audience screams out “Foxy we love you, Foxy we love you”)

*Foxy walks back and grabs microphone and wipes tear from his eye and replies
“I love you more”! *

Audience goes wild as Foxy exits stage left……