Thursday, January 26, 2006

My Breakthrough...Pt.1 I'm in love...

She did it one more time yall, How Mary will always be able to drop an album and drop into your mind and your soul, now of course the album dropped a month ago but everyone who knows me personally knows how much of a Mary fan I am so it took time for me to break this album down make it my own and in this process I think I have driven my boyfriend crazy with the songs but he gets it now

So “Lucky” this one is for you……

“Seen many men in my time but none of them compare to mine I ain't got to knock on wood to tell y’all that I got it so good. He's everything that I need and all that a man should be put me on a flight if I want to buy out the mall if I want to. Now I know ya'll heard before these same old metaphors but my love is so much more I don’t want to change it I don’t want to do without ya baby cause he’s just above the rest I must confess the bestLove that I’ve ever had And I just got to let you know this . Don’t let them tell you nothing differentYou’re the only one I’m needing I don’t want no one but you Baby no one will do and what they say don’t even matter they don’t know what I know about ya I don’t want no one but you baby no one will do. It’s me and him through the wire cause when it comes to love he delivers, my personal UPS I’m sending him an SOS That I love him and I want him and don’t want to replace him with nobody else, I’m going to keep holding onI’m going to keep the loving strong”.

Baby, u are the one…I’m just the “Lucky” one…

Thanks Mary!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

WHY Wednesday???

WHY Wednesday???

Yall know what this is lets get to it….For those of you new to the show follow my lead….

WHY did one more person quit in my office?

WHY do only the strong survive?

WHY was American Idol so funny last night?

WHY was “Ronetta” a HOT GHETTO MESS?

WHY did an e-mail go around the office asking if there should be a Nail Salon onsite?

WHY did the e-mail come from the Director of Human Resources?

WHY do all of my friends want to work for my company?

WHY am I uncertain as to how I REALLY feel but I voted YES to the Nail Salon?

WHY am I soooo hungry right now?

WHY do I miss my old cafeteria’s Sausage and Oatmeal?

WHY am I looking extremely handsome today?

Cuz I'm FOXY that's WHY!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Your Dimension Of Greatness…..

Your Dimension Of Greatness…..
No one can know the potential, of a life that is committed to win; with courage - the challenge it faces, to achieve great success in the end!
So, explore the Dimension of Greatness, and believe that the world CAN be won; by a mind that is fully committed, KNOWING the task can be done!
Your world has no place for the skeptic, No room for the DOUBTER to stand; to weaken your firm resolution that you CAN EXCEL in this land!
We must have VISION TO SEE our potential, And FAITH TO BELIEVE that we can; Then COURAGE TO ACT with conviction, to become what GOD MEANT us to be!
So, possess the strength and the courage, to conquer WHATEVER you choose; it’s the person WHO NEVER GETS STARTED that is destined FOREVER to lose!


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

WHY Wednesday???

Here in Jersey City we have madness going on but the WHY's will never stop....

WHY am I in the office at 7:15am but I'm not gonna start working till 9am?

WHY did I have to work on King Day this year?

WHY after being here 10 weeks do I still not accept that I have to pay for coffee?

WHY did Foxybrown & DJ Durty Redd turn it at a Birthday Party this weekend?

WHY did the equipment fail @ 2pm (5 hours before the party was supposed to start)?

WHY did it all work out in the end?

WHY do people eat chili for lunch, knowing that they suffer from horrible gas?

WHY do they pass gas at their desk as they are talking to you and keep a straight face?

WHY am I glad little Nixzmary Brown is in a better place right now?

WHY do I want them to bury BOTH her parents under the fukkin jail?

WHY is just thinking about this story making me upset?

Happy Hump Day everyone...What's your WHY???

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

One Year in the making....

" What you are about to read about is real the names have all been changed to protect the innocent.....This is my story, these are my words....Welcome to my world and welcome to my show"........ -Foxworth Brown

365 Days ago today the show made it's debut, entry by entry you guys read along as I grew and became part of your everyday routines. You've laughed when I laughed, you've cried when I cried. We have loved together broken up together some of us have even gone on vacation together.

The last 8,760 hours have been filled with life lived to it's fullest and you guys have been a major part of that life, I have yet to meet most of you and may never meet you at all but please realize that you have all touched me in one way or another.

In 525,600 minutes my life has actually been measured in "Seasons of Love" the many seasons of the first year of my show have allowed you guys to share my world and share yours with me and what can I say other than it has been a year of "Magical Thinking".

In closing let us not forget that today IS WHY Wednesday and I want you guys to follow the routine but I would like to share a little more of me with you on this special day so on this Why Wednesday.........

WHY do I now present........Foxybrown?

The Man, The Mystery...The Host of the Show!

Monday, January 09, 2006

"Foxy Hills 07304"

Foxy Hills 07304
Episode: 10
The Year of the Breakthrough....

2006 is in full gear and I have made some solid commitments for myself in the New Year
I know that things are getting pretty serious with “Mr. Lucky Charm” and pretty soon we will be making some huge commitments of our own but in the meantime there are some things that Foxy needs to work on.

As many of you know that I preach, everyday is an opportunity to be a better man/woman than the day before. I have some very big goals to accomplish in 2006 and I’m hoping to succeed at each one of them.

My first order of business is helping “DJ Durty Redd” through his first paid gig without a breakdown, next is getting him moved back to the Jersey Estate so we can really start to do the damn thing.

In 2005 I realize that one of my biggest issues has been staying in touch with friends and loved ones and somewhere during the 6 month mark of the show I began to use the blog as a way of people staying in touch and I now realize that it is time to “Raise The Bar” and be sure to reach out and touch some of the fans of the show. I am now making strides at following up with everyone as much as possible.

In closing without giving heavy detail I will label 2006 The Year of “The Breakthrough” it’s the year that I make my mark, it’s the year that I bring my show to world, it’s the year that I love deeper than I ever have it’s the year when I soar higher than ever imagined.

What is 2006 for you and how are you gonna make it happen?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

1st WHY Wednesday of the New Year….

1st WHY Wednesday of the New Year….

Ok guys the holidays are over and 2006 is here so let’s get back to business....

1st WHY did “Red” get busy on the drums in his Uncles Band on New Years Eve?

1st WHY did “Lucky” and I take a moonlit stroll around the corner and I got my first kiss of the New Year?

1st WHY can I still close my eyes and see his red cheeks and those Irish Eyes?

1st WHY did The Show have a star studded New Years including: “The Mexican”, “TinySmalls” “Red”, “My Lucky Charm” and get this…Crystal Waters?

1st WHY does Madonna’s booty look HOT in her new video?

1st WHY when I went to bed last night was I so excited to hear that 12 miners survived?

1st WHY did that whole story change by the time I woke up?

1st WHY am I so angry about that right now?

1st WHY do I need to talk to Mr. Brian to make sure he and his family are ok?

1st WHY
are we less than 7 days into the New Year and I have already seen the good, the bad, and the just fucked up?

What’s your WHY?? Foxy wants to know…..