Wednesday, August 23, 2006

WHY Wednesday???

WHY Wednesday????

WHY do I have to wake up at 5:30am everyday?

WHY do I not have to be in the office until 10:30 every day?

WHY did I have 900+ e-mails in my inbox when coming back from vacation?

WHY do I want to go back on vacation again?

WHY am I still trying to figure out how they fit so much on a cruise ship?

WHY am I also still thinking about steak and lobster tail 8% of my day?

WHY did I gain ten pounds on this damn cruise?

WHY am I moving clothes from one suitcase to another one to head to Beantown this weekend?

WHY am I addicted to coffee, fried chicken and you tube?

WHY did I read and article on CNN last night saying you tube has become very addictive?

WHY did I immediately close the CNN window and log into you tube?

WHY is it that one year later “Lucky” still drives me crazy?

WHY do I know that he now knows this?

WHY is THIS still my favorite you tube clip?

See yall later time to go make the donuts!!!

Hope you guys are having a great summer…

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

De Ja Vu...


That's right your boys are back for another season and they are bringing the heat.
Come on out and celebrate the second season of the Logo Network's original series "Noah's Arc".

Make sure to find your way out to the event....

For more information Holla @ your Fox!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

WHY Wednesday???

Good Morning everyone I'm just gonna get right down to business today...

WHY is today going on record as the hottest day of the year?

WHY did I take today off from work?

WHY do I have to drive all they way to Upstate NY to fight a speeding ticket?

WHY will I be driving slowly on the way there?

WHY did I FINALLY book my trip to London?

WHY can I not even begin to tell you how its about to go down?

WHY am I doing the Young Joc dance while I type this blog entry?

WHY did I not realize "Foxy" is as popular in the UK as I am in the States?

WHY is "RED" leaving for London tonight?

WHY does he have a list of candy to bring back for me?

WHY do I only want candy from London?

Wassup with yall?